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Any avid festival ticket holder that has been around the block knows only a *few* select things are more precious than a perfect live experience complete with the music you love and a crowd that loves them just as much. The idea of plur—peace, love, unity and respect—is a mindset that makes these experiences even more ideal, and with that in mind, we have put focus on the "peace" aspect of that with Plurplugs.

Plurplugs are a special set of high-fidelity earbuds that help to filter out the sound of loud concerts without compromising the sound of the audio. When it's overwhelming it’s fun, sometimes it’s too much and you start getting concerned with the volume, then there is little peace to be had, and in this way, we have created earplugs to make your concert experiences even better. Our side provides high quality Plurplugs Earplugs that you can slip in before your show, move closer to the speakers and feel better connected to the crowd without feeling like your ears are going to burst from the volume. We strive to make your listening experiences as perfect as they can be and leave all of the rest of the magic to your favorite artists.

Why did we create Plurplugs?

Just like you, we love attending festivals and listening to great music. However, we noticed that each time we attend a festival, we are dealing with lots and lots of background noise. That ends up being very problematic, especially if you’re there just to enjoy a certain concert.

Since we love the EDM/Concert/Festival Culture a lot, we wanted to take matters into our own hands an create some amazing earplugs that you would be able to wear during a concert. That’s how the Plurplugs high fidelity earplugs were born.

What makes our products special?

The Plurplugs stand out because they remove the loud noise, while still offering you an extraordinary sound quality. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary loud noise surrounding concerts, noise that can damage your ears. Plus, you get to stay away from hearing fatigue, while also enhancing the music quality during sound performances. The product also comes with a dedicated carrying case you can use right away.

If you always wanted a better way to experience concerts while attending a festival, try out these amazing earplugs. They are very efficient, innovative and a pleasure to use. Just consider checking them out for yourself, and you will be incredibly impressed with the process and results. Thanks to the Plurplugs, you can finally take your festival experience to the next level and enjoy all kinds of activities and concerns without all the unnecessary noise!

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